Revealing the truth about randomness of markets and Cold

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by LaughALLuwant, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. unlike most people I didn't just spend time on ET ape-horking

    I spend all my waking hours for the past 5 years working on finding good systems

    The REALITY is, Markets are random, none of the crap works

    cut losses short and let winners run, doesn't work with big enough sample

    1:1 RR doesn't work with big enough sample

    support and resistance doesn't work with big enough sample

    you want to make money with markets, you become a broker, or become a guru Like Alex of puretick

  2. Sounds like you were looking in the wrong place.

    Good luck being a broker.

  3. for those of you with inadequate english knowledge

    Horking means -- To snort anything up your nose. :)
  4. I just love guys like you, so much like me 5 years ago

    you come here indicating that you KNOW the right way, while you are just a lost soul like me
  5. and 45,642 usernames ago, too.
  6. The one thing that I can see DOESN'T work is you. And I don't mean that you haven't tried, but that there is something wrong with you or how you think.

    Sorry, but it seems to be the truth.