Revealed: the ancient propaganda war that led to the triumph of Christianity

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  2. A study by David Lloyd Dusenbury of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, an American historian of early Christianity, is for the first time defining the size and scope of the propaganda wars that raged throughout the late period of pagan domination of the empire.Pilate's decisions seem to have focused the war. Both sides required Pilate, a typical high-ranking Roman, to look guiltless – albeit in separate forms.
    According to the current study, the pagans attempted to vindicate Pilate by arguing that Jesus was a cruel and destructive rebel – and thus Pilate was perfectly justified in having him killed.
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    Interestingly Pilate is an historical figure. Jesus isn't.
    Thanks to 'The Pilate Stone', it is known that Pontius Pilate was a Roman prefect.
    Seemingly due to extremely sparse references by historians of the time, it is thought he would have been ruling over Judea during Emperor Tiberius's reign 14-37 AD.

    However, there is nothing whatsoever which stands as historical evidence to support anything Pontius Pilate ruled on, or proclaimed, or did.
    The rest is that mish-mash of divinity based fictional story telling and propaganda known as Christianity.
    Such methods were common currency in those times, employed widely to claim divine political power.
  4. New researches have been done on this. I read some of them lately. The books that have been published , is sharing major role of Pontius Pilate in it. He was the one who ordered the crucifixion of Jesus. Might have to give that book a read. There might to be some more new researches.