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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Jan 26, 2002.

  1. Since I had nearly 40 emails and posts about our website and it's poor look...I spent the greater part of last weekend revising the appearance. Nothing fancy, but I hope it looks a bit more professional. Check it if you like, and I welcome any (constructive) comments. And, before I get any flak about this post (trying to attract attention or whatever) please understand that I am trying to show some of you that I will respond to the valid and valuable comments from the board.
  2. mike s

    mike s

    Looks better and loads better for me.

    Nice job.

  3. Jeffo


    You need to make the background of the buttons on the sidebar transparent because that color doesn't mesh with the color of the sidebar.
  4. Eldredge



    What is a "naked position" that costs 1% per month if over 2x equity? Are you talking about naked options or something else?
  5. If you are simply long, say 5000 shares of a $40 stock, then that is naked. If you are long $1mil of 1 stock, any stock, and short $1mil of another then that is not considered "naked" ......
  6. I will work on this, are you referring to the left sidebar or the one enclosed within the home page.?
  7. Jeffo


    The left sidebar. On my system the two blues aren't quite the same. You can fix this by making the blue around the buttons transparent and it will blend with the background color of the sidebar.
  8. i like it. looks quality, uncluttered, clean & crisp. nice job.
  9. ....and I will work on the buttons....:)
  10. Very nice site Don... easy to navigate and well-presented...
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