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  1. I got nicely baked yesterday and watched that whole speech he gave for the NAACP. It was a great speech. Not because everything in it was true- it certainly had some wild stretches- but his dictation and the writing. It was a great speech. Some of the ideas like the right brain left brain stuff was a hoot: white babies learn by focusing on objects- toys left dangling & black babies copy actual people ( read because their moms care enough to be around). But he says it with such passion! The patois stuff and beat stuff was fun on the 2 4 not on the one three- that was good stuff. And dang if cnbc didn't run a clip of Bush directing an all white band in that ommpah oom pah fashion. Made you think. So now the press is all a twitter now Obama must totally dump on the rev because the press savvy rev has a book coming out went on PBS spoke at the NCAAP and the press club and I bet is doing Ophra... Can Obama risk losing the votes that the rev controls? and what of the Rev's association with more hardcore black politics? That draws race into a the game in a way that Obama and team cannot like. In the wings chuckles the Jackle but I like Hillery, still I voted Obama because I think he has a better chance- I'm stuck in the middle. Race 08' is becoming a self fulfilling prophecy and the press could not be happier... Obama could say after that speech that the Rev can really run with the words and he has some good historical facts he puts out in a pro black way it's very interesting to listen to. But the press won't let him...And if McCain tries to get all angry over some comparison of the Marines to Roman soldiers why is that so far fetched? Just because he also said the Romans killed Christ? Well we don't know for sure. Why does everyone always feel better about that when the Jews are blamed. ~ stoney
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    Stoney - Whether or not you like Obama, he will take more money out of your pocket. You can not afford him in the White House. He will not only allow the tax cuts to expire, he will raise the capital gains beyond what they were before the cut. You as a trader, heck ANY profitable trader, can not afford either Dem candidate. If you want to hang on to your profits, you HAVE to vote McCain, like it or not.
  3. Of couse throughout my life I have had the make money democrat take money debate in my brain. The truth is I feel a Gov DOES have to get involved and I don't think the lower and middle class can go through 8 years of Republicans and then take on some more. I try to be cyclical in this thinking favoring wealthy give backs at times to support the general economy and in times like Katrina or now with the high price of oil & low employment.... us folks who have some money in the bank have to step back from the greedy table and see to it that a Democrat is elected so more funds reach the underclass in need. We cannot go on and on about our cultural melting pot and then constantly turn our backs on the very people who join our military and fight for us. I'd like to see Obama keep the cap gains tax rate or split the difference I'd like to see a big tax on people making OVER $250,000... He has waffled on this amount and sometimes come down to the $200,000 level.... I think $250K is appropriate. Despite my HEAVY HEAVY trading I have never made that much in a year so I don't feel that tax will bite me .... but it will bite people who can afford it. I'd like to see several levels of heath care offered by the Gov for even in my state of living, I find that bill- health care to be the one that hurts and sucks the most. To insure my family here in NYC is absurdly expensive. And as pricing changes by these HMO's in the mid west and other areas there must be a way to group beat them down on the east coast..... What will McCain be able to bring to the table on the economy? He has opined openly that he doesn't understand it.... We are in a fragile state now in the fiscal arena we don't need an old man learning on the job.

    This election is about youth vs age as much as anything. The youth has never made it to the polls before, I'd like to see them turn out feel empowered and then remain in the system the rest of the way. perhaps this election will not be the big answer but perhaps the next one will. We were heading down a path where a small amount of heavily religious people are influencing government and taking elections, forming policy through the Supreme Court etc... Now the great re balance... you can't drone on and on about abortion any more or you will lose... you had better find a way to make college affordable for this generation or we will be having Democrats in office for many many years.... if that happens I will vote the other way for it's all about cycles, re inflating and collapsing certain parts of our population...
    and if we spend some years helping out social causes at rich people's expense there's nothing wrong with that for a better USA... but that time will come to an end as well and the rich folks will fly in their private jets again!~stoney
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    The whole Democrat/Leftist thing can be boiled down to "get whitey's money". I recommend we as a culture let it die a peaceful death.
  5. That's not true since the New Deal the idea has been to tap into tax payers money for social services as prosperity surges and ebbs this becomes more and less important. You are cold hearted if you do not believe people need help now. My Kung Fu trainer is about to lose his house which he has $400 plus k in because he took out a second mortgage from Countrywide to do a bathroom. He can't sell his home. He can't pay his mortgage. If he had only not done that bathroom everything would be fine. His kids would have a safe home, his wife would be proud of him. To lose everything for a bigger tub. and some tile... I'm not into punishment here just solutions... this would be a good year to vote Democratic.~ stoney
  6. honky,
    its called reparation.
    the whtdevils must atone for their sins.
  7. That's the most racist thing I've ever heard.

  8. Why a succesfull human being has to bail you'r kung fu teachers and others who happens to laverage themself up to the nose taking second home mortgage to "build a bath"??? Its againts the constitution to take money away from one person to give it to another..

    Why you'r kung Fun teacher didn't use that money for a more productive objective???

    If you Can't afford a insurance in NYC, them move to other state like the carolina's o north florida etc.

    Sir, 60-80 millions americans has interest in the markets via 401k, mutual funds, pension funds or direct stock holdings, 28/30% capital gain increase will be tough to swallow. 40 millions american don't even pay taxes at all. If you overtax the rich, the govermment will receive less revenue from the IRS, Not the other way around.

    our next president will encounter three ticking tax bombs in the weeks following the inauguration, as he or she prepares the budget for fiscal year 2010. Should even one of them detonate, we all will suffer the consequences.

    The first ticking bomb is the fate of the Bush tax cuts. CBO's optimistic federal budget surplus projection is based on the assumption that Congress will allow the president's tax cuts to expire as scheduled at the end of 2010. That would trigger the largest tax increase in history (nearly $1.9 trillion over seven years), raising taxes on 115 million taxpayers, and returning to the tax rolls 7.8 million low- and middle-income families who now pay no federal income tax because of the Bush tax cuts.

    If this bomb explodes, one thing is certain: It will damage the economy. The Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation estimates the tax hike would, in the short run, oblige the economy to "flirt with recession" or worse.

    The enduring effect would be to reduce the growth path of the economy, permanently reducing potential GDP by 5% to 6% compared to the levels projected under current tax rates. That would wipe out most of the supposed revenue from the expiration of the tax cuts and turn the projected surplus back into deficit.

    The second tax bomb is the Alternative Minimum Tax, or AMT, which the budget surplus projection assumes will detonate. This bomb has a long fuse, stretching back to January 1969. That's when the Secretary of the Treasury testified before Congress that 155 taxpayers earning $200,000 or more used legal loopholes to avoid owing any income tax in 1966. The public reaction was instant and intense. According to Yale Law School professor and former Treasury official Michael Graetz, Congress received more angry letters in 1969 about these 155 taxpayers than they did about the Vietnam War.

    Bowing to public outrage, Congress quickly established an add-on minimum tax to, in the words of the New York Times of 1969, "foil wealthy people who arrange their affairs to escape taxation under the present law." Several iterations later, it has evolved into the modern individual AMT.

    Because the AMT was not indexed for inflation, increasing numbers of middle-income taxpayers have become subject to this so-called "tax on the wealthy." Mindful of the political consequences of doing nothing, Congress routinely adopts temporary patches to forestall an explosion in the number of taxpayers subject to the AMT.

    Remember what Nikita Khrushchev said:

    We can’t expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism ”.

    That's what obama Would bring to this country.
  9. So Obama is a communist I and I should move to... North Carolina... well you have a solid view of things. First off your ticking time bombs are so well known the AMT is everyone's bane both parties have vowed to fix it. The solution is a mixture of raising the retirement and indexing for inflation it will get done. The bush tax cuts have not so moved this stock market we have been dead in the water. The LT capital gain will not get touched for a few years ST might go up. I believe and dividends will continue to be taxed where they are. gains over and above a certain threshold will be taxed higher.

    Now why should you help my Kung Fu teacher?
    Well he is a fine man a Cuban who like so many before came to this country a young lad when his parents fled the home country. He has made his own way, bought his own house had two kids and a wife. His home would be worth $600,000 if anyone would buy it but no one is buying. He has put over $400,000 in of hard earned money... when he went to Country Wide and they offered him cash to fix up his bathroom at what looked like a low rate... it's the same boring story I grant you but when you can look a man in the eye and see his spark gone out. His whole world turned upside down and all he's asking for is some time from the bank or a fixed rate. Not a bailout. Let him weather this housing crisis so he can sell his home and at least get settled again. For you not to want that for a human being is disgraceful sir. For every Kung Fu teacher with children and now wrecked home life, for every wife crying themselves to sleep at night there are also all the stores that they go to in the normal times, multiply that-however many retail mom and pop shops- and this is the ripple effects -when sections of cities, town go down.
    That's how economies really turn over and then even people in North Freakin' Carolina won't be able to afford health insurance. I should move because of the system. Pathetic. I'm six foot three 220 pounds of aggression but like Jimmy Cliff said If I Follow My Mind.... I know I can trade stocks and not be a thoughtless chest beating unfeeling hard ass. We have enough of those. ~ stoney
  10. ==============
    Well ,Rev Wright has a constitutional wright to be wrong;
    its called the first amendment.

    Stoney - I ;
    we could understand you better if you would post when you are not so stoned.

    ''Everyone feel better when Jews are blamed'', you said ;
    & strange you are one of the few here to admire that Louis Farrakhan/antisemite buddy Rev Wright.

    Theological he sounds like a snarling wolf in sheep's clothing;
    , also called a false prophet.

    And that is highly unusual/strange for a black preacher to snarl/specialize in preaching against white sins, ignore black sins.

    Most shameful was his fantasy-lie that a rebuke on him was '' an attack on the back church'';
    one black journalist said every time Rev Wright open his mouth, makes you wonder if he isn't working for Hillary Clinton.LOL.

    And most cool was the Air Force black fighter pilot[with black sunglasses] who said quote ''I am NOT an Afro-American, I am an American who is black'' . Howwever that kills the hate blame game , blaming ''whitey''LOL
    :cool: Cool as black sunglasses on a black fighter pilot.:D
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