Rev. Pat Robertson leg presses 2000 lb!

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  1. Yes, THAT Pat Robertson.

    According to the May 26 edition of the newspaper THE VIRGINIAN PILOT, because of the "age defying" protein shake he has been taking, he recently leg pressed 2000 pounds and does 1000 for 10 reps.

    I am 37 and have been bodybuilding seriously for over 22 years, all naturally, and I can't think of anything I have heard regarding bodybuilding that was so ludicrous. I am 6'2", 200 pounds cut, and can bench 225 for 22 consecutive reps, and I can't even leg press 700. And one is expected to believe that Pat--minister, weather forecaster, prophet of doom--can at age 76 press a ton while taking nothing than a glorified protein shake?

    Here's the link:

    I think Pat's credibility has hit a new 52-week (no, ALL-TIME) low.
  2. I think it has always been and still is in a downtrend :)
  3. Banjo


    He was probably using a box of British 10 pound notes.
  4. =============
    Because you can do it ,that means it cant be done?????????????:) :) Thats silly smiley

    Actually there is a typical major media lie [untruth] in the first paragraph '' Pat ' claims to have the power to heal '''No, never has Pat , claimed to heal , watched for decades,Lord does that healing ,
    many times confirmed by medical doctors.

    Moved several tons with one hand, any one could ;
    it was a bank vault door , on hinges.

    As the Doctors say Lord does the healing, DRs collect the bill:D

    SmileyS ,Sounds like you are very jealous also;
    thanks for article ,
    enjoy exposing media lies [untruth] likethat newspaper 1st paragraph.:cool:
  5. it is the power of god... Hallelujah, praise the Lord, Praise him with each note and word.
  6. LOL, a bible thumper in our did you sneak in ginger??
  7. Good God, look at the intensity! GO PAT GO!
  8. Actually he only leg pressed 1,000 lbs..

    1000lbs is pretty easy when you have your hand supporting your legs and you arent even going down all the way.

    He didn't even slide the supports out....hey I can put 525 on the power rack and slide a bench under there and easily move it 3-4 inches off the Pins but that doesn't mean I can bench 525!

    He should take about 7 plates off each side, pull out the supports and do it like you're supposed to instead of trying to impress everybody.

    I'd be way more impressed if he squatted 225x10 past parallel

    MRMARKET would crush him$$$$

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