Reuters: Stevie Cohen's SAC Capital involved in insider trading

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  1. Many of these funds are con-artists & thieves with connections.

    I can't wait for the day when somebody at Goldman admits to manipulating markets & running illegal schemes to generate their rip-off profits. They all run rackets to get your money.

    It's funny how these clowns all claim to be "smarter" than everybody else.
  2. A major Wall Street crash is brewing.

    Bank it.

    The bad actors have been propelling the markets, while the economy goes to absolute shit, and the retail crown - even the dumb ass sheep - now know with certainty that the "stock game" is crooked beyond words.
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    Unfortunately the biggest crooks are untouchable, at least for the duration of this administration, maybe until we get some meaningful campaign finance reform.

    Anyone who has traded futures for more than a few years sees the unrelenting bid in to accelerating down market conditions right before big economic reports are released. It is so persistent and consistent that I use it as an edge now and have been making very good money off it. That type of money doesn't gamble, they know what the numbers are and they also know they are backstopped one way or another.
  4. Steve Cohen was an "insider" crook from the beginning, this was a public secret....
  5. Neither Mr. Cohen nor SAC has been accused of any wrongdoing.
  6. And never will be . Nobody wants to be a suicidal hero.
  7. It already happened. Read the book: "Fiasco"
  8. If you got this asshole's fund you better be first in line to get your money out.

    I invested in a hedge fund that blew up. The fund had less than 50 investors. It was funny. Later, in court docs, it was revealed that when questions were first raised about the fund, EVERY SINGLE investor in the fund quietly submitted a request to redeem his funds (including myself!) in hopes to be first in line to get his money out.

    If you know anyone invested with SAC tell them to redeem, even if they are within the lockup period!
  9. one day maybe Cohen will be someones butt buddy receptacle
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