Reuters News via QuoteCenter vs DJnewswire

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by MRBRETTONWOODS, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Streaming news from Reuters through Quotecenter is available for $200 a month (with the North American Securities News Package), this is vs. $95 a month from DJnewswire.

    So, the question is given the inherent limitations of the Quotecenter platform (it is an intentionally broken version of the old Bridge platform), such as not being able to segregate news from the newsfeed or set-up news alerts such as retrieving live alerts for economic data like NFP numbers can it prove useful? Basically, you'd have to stare at the busy feed and look for stories pouring in as they come.

    I know that the Professional Reuters feed is faster than DJ, but given the limitations of the crippled Reuters Quotecenter is it worth it?

    For charting I know that the platform is a joke, and I know that some people use it for cheap European/Asian market data, but what about for news?