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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bonddog, Oct 2, 2008.

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    Has anyone seen/heard about Thomson Reuters new Bloomberg-alternative product? It is available at 1/3 the cost, which is a very noticeable difference with cost squeezing we're all seeing in the market today...
  2. We where offered a demo, but have not seen it yet
  3. "We" - are you royalty??? :cool:
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    good to hear other people are starting to hear about this...if there is any interest in getting a free demo/look, shoot me a PM and ill put you in touch with the right people...
  5. Why don't I just shoot you and put you in touch with the right people (undertakers)?:eek:
  6. I'll pass on any Reuters product. Yes, Bloomberg is expensive, but it's the best. I called Reuters today to talk about their various data feed products, and their call menu is like an SNL skit. It was hell getting through it, and I even said to the guy I talked to (one of the three to whom I was bounced) that they must lose several prospective clients each week just because of that system ("Press 2 for this or 3 for that" and then "Thank select from one of the following 394 options"). His reply: "Yeah, given how this place is run internally, I'm not surprised that the automated answering system is that bad." And when I was bounced to their data feed specialist, he quizzed me on where I found the name of the product about which I inquired..."Now where do you see that name?" Uh, it's on the front page of your own Web site, dude.

    Now what we need is a brand new company that really wants to do things correctly from the get-go. As great as I think Bloomberg is, it is simply anchored to its legacy system and archaic interface. And I just got yet another notice of a price increase. I'd like to vote with my feet, but there's nothing else out there that matches it. :mad:
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    What is this product called?
  8. That ain't how I roll. When I get a menu like that I start pounding the * or # keys or just 999. That almost always kicks you out to a human.
  9. I did! And that was the most frustrating part! If I hit any other key (#, *, 0), then the message would start over from the beginning. Pure evil!

    FYI: I was looking for info on Reuters Data Feed Direct. After speaking with the folks at Activ Financial, I think they'll be getting the business. Reuters is dead in the water.
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    Reuters "service" are their own worst enemy. I don't think I have ever had a non frustrating interaction with them.
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