Reuters: Major Hedge Fund collapsed

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    10:26 Moody's sees possibility of major hedge fund collapse, says big hedge fund collapse could disrupt markets - DJ
  2. "Sees possibility of collapse" or "Hedge fund did collapse"?
  3. Judging by this price action, we undoubtedly will see some news of collapses. I think the 'collapse' may have happened in the last two days.

    Seeing every world carry trade unwind like this (nzd, jpy, aud) with a simultaenous forced liquidation is something.
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    The same Moody's that saw the crisis coming via their rating changes (NOT).
  5. If it is just 1 major hedge fund, I would be surprised. I know several hedge funds, most of them "minor", that are down over 50% ytd.
  6. GBPJPY dropped 500 overnight. Rumors that a large fund focused on Asia went down to the tune of $6B.
  7. could collapse, big surprise. I just saved you the $900 cost of the press conference.
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    can't invoke total fear and panic now :cool:
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    next lunch is on me, thanks
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