Reuters: "Indian bourses to stop licensing index, stock prices to foreign exchanges"

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    Partial quote from the article:
    Response from the Singapore Exchange (SGX):
    Partial quote:
    Although I am posting this in the index futures section, this decision might also influence other products, such as ETFs which are issued and traded outside India.
    Anyone who is trading a product which is based on the NIFTY index should investigate whether the product will continue to exist, or whether it will be discontinued.
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  2. That seems really dumb. Are they going to keep their stock prices secret to all foreigners? Seems impossible in this Internet age. Plus a foreign country is running the futures exchange so what are you going to do if they just keep using their own Pretty Nifty index that uses the same top 50 stocks? Sue them in their own courts, good luck with that.
  3. If they planned something like this, they should first remove the restrictions so that non-indian residents can trade on their exchanges stocks and futures and than cancel their stupid stamp duty tax and STT (securities transaction tax) for futures and stocks if they wanna more liquidity on their echanges and more revenue.Probably the high temperatures in India had their brain baked or they smoke to much marijuana:D
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  4. The saga continues:
    Partial quote from the article: