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  1. Europe was complaining how the Euro at 1.50 was hurting their economy, so if it drops to 1.00, it should help them. Should help us too... not our exporters (what's left of them), but it's a good thing when your money is more valuable that when it's being trashed.
  2. That's gonna piss off Axel. He's foaming at the mouth already, and each 100 pips just makes him that much more insane.
  3. At least it's not anymore toilet paper ...:cool:
  4. Axel is going to be the next ECB president in short time. Until then JCT has to prepare a royal welcome...:D
  5. A lot of dumbasses (including those on ET) root for a crashing USD... knowing it makes the market rally. What they don't bother to consider is that if the currency gets trashed enough, it doesn't matter how much money you think you made in the rally, you're still a big loser when currency depreciation and taxes are figured in.

    The primary beneficiary of a weakening USD is government... it papers over many of their sins.
  6. You mean if there is an ECB to be president of by that time.

    It may just be a larger, more progressive Bundesbank.
  7. Well, the job number was out, and it was almost entirely Census. The number disappointed even the higher calls. Green Shoots?

    EUR to break 1.20 in the next hour?
  8. 1.2009 is a hard nut to crack but with the help of our beloved Frensch PM it could be "pret a craquer"...
  9. I know there's significant protection in that area, but the selling pressure will be too great. The simple fact that it's being defended alone will be too great a draw for speculators. They'll want to trip it.

    Here we go. Try #2.

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