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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by blockage, May 18, 2005.

  1. blockage


    I went to a WizeTrade seminar today, and got sold on the pitch (the sales guy was REALLY good.) I plunked down my credit card info and I have the package here. I then looked at the forums here and saw that it's a total piece of garbage.

    Can anyone relate the best method to return this for the full refund? Any people return it with problems in the transaction?

    TIA for any feedback.
  2. nkhoi


    you have plenty of time to return the software, starting from the day you get it until the the one day class, several options here 1)you can call to get authorized number then ship it, 2)you can go to class then wait and return the software at end of class, 3)you can come late before class end and return it.

    draw back with each option

    1) most likely has to spend long time on the phone with another super salesman and pay for S&H
    2) sit thru class will weaken one resolve, be strong.
    3) you don't get to hear some trading tip but they will try to get rid of you quickly (bad example for rest of class)

    ps before you decide to toss it out of window check out the user group

    and its captain star buck bucks

    good luck
  3. One word comes to mind. It's M O R O N.
    Welcome to the world of trading, it's very easy really, I suggest you borrow money from everyone you know and start trading.
  4. Good luck returning it...

    just an observation, but nobody ever says "Gee, the salesman I talked to was a real schnook and sucked real bad, but he sold me anyway".
  5. nkhoi


    return is no probl, 2 weeks and the refund should showed on your credit card.
  6. blockage


    Good point. I knew going into this that it was going to be a good sales pitch, and I <usually> can avoid the purchase. :eek: I was sold on the ability to try it out and then return it within the trial period.

    I'm currently using QuoteTracker with IB, but I enjoy evaluating systems that are out there (when I have some time.) Had I done a bit of reading here beforehand showing me that WT is pretty mucha just a MA tool with a pretty UI, then I wouldn't have bothered with the purchase. (Oops, I'm sure I just offended a few WT advocates...)

    nkhoi, thanks for the info. I checked out the forum and the spybucks poster...he seems like an interesting resource for those into WT. However, I'm going to be returning WT at the one-day class per your suggestion. Thanks again!

  7. how much are people paying for this software?
  8. blockage


    $2995 + tax + 30/month for the eSignal feed
  9. da-net


    Mr. Blockage,

    Personal experience with purchases that have "short trial periods" is that they are rarely ever worth it. Do not wait, return it immediately. Preferably without opening or installing.

    I did not buy this "software" but from all the things I have read from ET and other posting groups it is a ZERO value item . Plus I asked to see a copy of the EULA (End User License Agreement) before considering purchase and upon reading it I found that you as a purchaser can NOT say anything bad about the software, or its signals. You can not post any signals anywhere for others to see. Neither can you resell the software.

    I met a gentleman at a Star Trader D&P show that had purchased all of their "training & software" about $10,000.00 according to him. He is interested in selling the training and will "Give" the software w/license to anyone that purchases the training. His attorney states that this would not violate the WT license. If you want to contact him sernd me a PM with your contact info and I will pass it along.
  10. blockage


    Thx for the info da-net, but the more I look at trading and black-box 'systems', the more I realize that there's nothing that can replace your own diligent study and TA. I'll have to pass on the Star Trader offer...
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