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  1. You know...I don't have one of those fancy office chairs, and I drive a 1990 Plymouth Voyager with simulated wood grain siding.

    I bought this chair on sale at Office Depot and Wifey had the receipt in the cookie jar from 11 months ago.

    I could barely read it, as it was thermal.

    Anyways, I broke my chair and Wifey encouraged me to call Office Depot.

    So, I did it, I called them!

    The chair was their $229.00 model marked down to $159 bucks back in Jan 2005. I knew they would not give me my money back like Costco would, but I called anyways.

    The manager was not in, so I got the asst. manager. Dan advised me that all the manufacturers by law had to have a guaranty. I told him I did not know that. He said even a token guaranty of 90 days. But he said that most of their chairs had a 5Y guaranty.

    I asked just for the heck of it if I could have my money back and he promptly replied, no. But he could look up the manufacturer for me on their list, and I could get parts.

    So I turned over the chair and discovered a label reading Swinton Avenue Trading in Florida. Dan advised me that that was an Office Depot company, and he just happened to have the same chair in stock and to come in and exchange it...

    That's my Sunday...

    Michael B.
  2. You know Wifey is funny. When I got home with the new chair, it was prebuilt and their last one on display I think...she promptly asked me for the receipt.

    I was so thankful THAT I didn't have to put the dreaded thing together, that I reached into my pocket without thinking and handed her the receipt.

    Well, she proceeded to the Brother mfc9700, that Nitro turned me on too....and photocopied it, to preserve the text and put it back in the cookie jar...

    I swear that woman has every dollar she has ever made.

    Michael B.