Return on Investment up to 299% in 2 days, can you do that?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by aladinaus, Apr 4, 2007.

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    Nickname ROI Position
    jianwei 299.4374% 1
    Gsswill 205.5096% 2
    dave74 63.2318% 3
    MikeeK 43.7472% 4
    Raptor 34.6369% 5
    fxtitan 33.925% 6
    mastertrader 33.4886% 7
    fish 28.9014% 8
    Natus 28.241% 9
    Bazz 25.8535% 10

    This is the competition trading CFDs started from Monday. 300% return on 2 days, can any of elite traders here beat it?
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    I can do 10,000% in 1 day. It's just a matter of luck. However, don't forget that the probability that you are gonna lose 100% is very high.
  3. If they can do it with proper risk management (say no more than 2% risk per trade), then yes, they are real genius.

    But something inside me tells me these guys just take enormous positions and have a luck of these positions to go in their favour. :)
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    The prize is 100k (AUD). Trading real money, real market, minimum funding is 5k. The return on capital is about 2000% let alone the gain on your investment vs loss of 5k. The return/risk ratio is very high so you can afford to blow out your account
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    These results don't mean anything unless you know what kind of risk they are taking. As I said, one can be very lucky and turn $5K into $2mil in one day (I've seen an option go from 0.05 in the morning to 20.00 in the afternoon), but the probability of that happening is virtually zero. Obviously that's an extreme example, but it illustrates the point.
  6. Aladinaus is right that risk/reward of the tournament is good enough, so you can bet 5K, leverage it up to the limit, put say 3:1 TP/SL even with random entry and still have a huge positive expectancy, cause if you lose, you lose just your 5K, but if you win, you not only make 300% profit on that 5K, but most likely grab the prize too which is another 2000% of 5K.

    Risk reward in this case is around 1:23 and winning probability (assuming a totally random entry) is 25%.

    Definately it was a good bet! If only my market offered such bets every day! :)
  7. Take 40K and try it..yea easy to earn 200% ROI with chump positions
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    some important point to look at is the number of trades in order to achieve that performance...if it was only one trade and one stock, forget about it....
  9. Yeah, I got an exacta for ya in the 9th at AQU today, gonna pay 200-1.

    Send $100 for the combo.
  10. We see post like this once in a while (one per month).

    I guess is the need of the people to figure out that this kind of "american dream" is possible on the stock or future market.

    While still possible, what about the odds?
    who will afford to blow up an account "just like this".

    besides, those returns are made on "little money". I never heard one guy turning 1 or 2 millions into 50/100 millions in a couple of weeks/months with proper risk management and real fear of getting crushed (it doesn't count if the guy has another 100millions on another account).
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