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  1. This notice is to advise everyone on these boards that I have returned from Tijuana.
    Consequently, your outsized profits for the past few days will no longer persist as I am returning to trading.

    Your check for 10% of your excess profits during the past 3 trading days should be sent to me in care of Elite Trader.

    Although I am acquainted with Don Bright, and you could potentially send the check in care of Don, I am fearful the funds might end up on the Baccarat table at the Rio, as Don has advised me he is currently there.

    The best part of the trip was the duty-free liquor store on the US side, where we acquired a bottle of Remy Martin XO at $75 US.They then drive you to the border where you cross and immediately walk back to the US to put the liquor in your car before proceeding across again.

    Unless you like shithole 5th world cities, I recommend no longer than a 1-day stay in Tijuana. Besides, there are no real values other than a $13 carton of Marlboros.

    Now, I have a question seemingly totally unrelated to Mexico:
    Have you ever had a girl put a rubber on you, coat it with KY, and THEN blow you?
  2. tmi=too much information
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    well, no, never to me. but i think this is definitely a question from your tijuana trip- so you found a good whore house down there huh? how much for the sucky sucky? but gotta say- anywhere- thats weird technique.....
  4. The questions I would be asking are:

    What highly communicable disease, that is not an STD, would prevent a person from generating the saliva necessary for the job at hand (or mouth in this instance)?

    Will medical insurance cover this?
  5. I still can't stop laughing. Maybe her mouth was so dry from smokin crack, dunno. Might want to get your package checked.

    since the topic of whore is brought up. Here in Italy, you can get girls anywhere from 20-30 Euro. On the way to the clubs, you'll see bunch of girls.. sometimes transvestites standing by the side of the road. Pull over, they get in, and you get everything.

    there's also whore houses, but they charge 100 for the same thing. I don't go to these things, but I have a friend that goes quite often. My friend drives an hour to this college town, and he gets 19 year old college girls for 20 bucks. Before we went into the euro system, my friend tricked this whore about the foreign exchange. 20 USD is about 50,000 lira, and he was saying how 10 USD is about 60,000 lira. She thought she was getting a good deal.