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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Quiche, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Quiche


    I would like to know if some of the older threads can be retrieved. I have noticed some of the older threads have been removed. Quite a few of these threads were the most insiteful comments made on this board by individuals who no longer post here.

    So again, my question is if there are certain posts or threads that we are looking for in the past, what can be done to obtain these?

    Thanks, Quiche
  2. I was looking at threads created around 9/11/01 the other day. They're not visible on the forum, but if you do a search by user, some of the really old postings appear. It does not seem to be consistent though. I've tried looking up stock_trad3r's very first post to no avail.
  3. Joe


    It depends on the last post in the thread. After a certain amount of time has passed with no responses to the thread, the thread will disappear. Threads with more recent posts will stay alive as long as people keep posting to them.
  4. Quiche



    Thank you for your response.

    However, I am asking if there is a way in which I would be able to obtain material that has been removed the site? I recall that this occured a little while back b/c the administrator had removed some material. There is some choice material that I never had a chance to take down for my own studies.

    Thanks, Quiche
  5. Joe


    Sure if your quick enough you might be able to catch it on Google. Just do a Google advanced search. Put our website in the domain section then do a little research. When you find what you want click on the link if it comes up as deleted then just press the back button and use the cache next to the link.

    If you need step by step instructions PM me your phone number with a time you are available and I will contact you.