Retrieve historical data from financial websites

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  1. Retrieve historical data from financial websites

    How can I tell MS Excel to retrieve historical data automatically from financial websites, like Yahoo, MSN.

    I need historical data of Us and Hong Kong stocks.

    The data I would like to have is:
    - open, low, high, close [most important!]
    - 1-week open, low, high, close [preferred]
    - 52-week high & low [preferred]

    Thank you! :D
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    i use perl to grab data off several sites and store it in a database. PM me for details
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  5. Sorry, not that.

    I would like to retrieve infomration directly from the server.

    Eg: I would like to get everyday close for my portfolio. Previously I may need to manually update this data. I would like to find a way which can do this routine automatically.
  6. MLDownloader could be an option for you.

    I haven't used it recently. As I remember, it was a little cumbersome to use. It still might be a reasonably priced choice for your needs.
  7. Just wonder.

    It seems all people are getting quotes from Yahoo only. Is it just Yahoo being the only source for Excel in this planet? :D
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