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  1. On Saturday I´m going to start a thread about Retracements/
    Pullbacks and positionsizing.
    But I´m not a native englishspeaker.
    What is the diffence between Retacements and Pullbacks?
    Plain English please
  2. fan27


    There is NO difference between retracements and pullbacks. At least not how I use the terms.
  3. Thank you.
    That was what I Thought.
    I prefer the word pullback.
  4. Why wait for Sat.? You already started one! (this one) :D

  5. AngryBull,

    This is not a good omen for your new thread. Why did you not find out first about the difference between retracement and pullback BEFORE saddling ET again with a new thread about which you didn't seem to have the foggiest notion.

    Moderator, is this not crap? If you think so, better act now.
  6. Oh Boy!

  7. Let's give it a chance.
  8. Thanks for nice words Nosense.
    When I was a newbee I catched up a lot of
    good things here on ET.

    My aim was only to try to give some back.
    But don´t worry for "crappwriting" the thread
    is finished before it started.
    I have booked my teetime for saturday.


    I have yet to see someone state a clear distinction between the two. Here is the way I view and regard them:

    Pullback –

    Following a breakout (penetration of resistance) and breakdown (penetration of support) remorse will set in, the result is a pullback. The pullback is “complete” retest of the previous break out/down.

    i.e. if the price breaks down below support of 28, proceeds to drop lower to 27, and then trades back up to 28. I see that as a pullback.

    Retracement –

    A somewhat “incomplete” pullback that occurs on a break out /down. The incomplete pullbacks become more significant when they occur after a “gap”. You may have heard of 40, 50 and 60% retracements.

    i.e. using the example above, after the price has dropped below support of 28, proceeds to drop lower to 27, and then trades backup to 27.50. I see that as a 50% retracement.

    I have never heard anyone refer to a 100% retracement, and for that reason this is how I make the distinction.

    Hope that helps, and I look forward to any other feedback.
  10. Let's not take this crap hunt to a new level. There is enough 'legitimate' crap on this board to worry about. He just asked a question. All it takes is to answer it.
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