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  1. you go guys. This is my bread and butter plan for trading retracements. Now, go out there and clean up! :D
  2. Breakout:
    Looking at your method I have to ask the obvious questions. What is the maximum drawdown a trader can expect using this system over any period (i.e. 1 year). How many setups can one expect per day, and per month? How long have you traded this system? Does it require a specific type of order to enter, and to exit? Why are you posting it now? Thanx, steve46
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    breakout, thanks for another great post, you are so generous with your methods

    what are you using for a profit target?
  4. Is this the last post from Breakout? Where did he go?..... :eek:
  5. Why wouldn't you do the investigation yourself if you are interested? Why do you have to be provided with every answer insteading of doing the work?
  6. Breakout,

    Can you tell us what type of band that is that you're entering off?

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    look at top right in his pic
  8. Breakout's last post was from last Nov "03. I don't think he is
    posting here anymore, if he is he has a new name?
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    Doesn't really matter. The kind of band and the settings used is irrelevant. Anyone who isn't a Gimmee would try Keltners, BBs, price envelopes, etc., with a variety of settings, test them, and use whatever yields the lowest-risk, highest-probability trades.

    But that's too much work. :cool:
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    db said...
    Doesn't really matter. The kind of band and the settings used is irrelevant........

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