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  1. Greetings, I'm retooling for position trading and I'm looking for software that is really good with multiple time frames. Easy and quick to choose both intra and inter day time frames and good integration of historical and intraday data. I would also like the trendlines to be constant thru all time frames as well as the moving averages. So a 20 day is a 20 day in all time frames. The MA requirement could be simulated in other time frames as they will not change once the config. is set.

    Any Feedback would be much appreciated and thanks for the help!
    Mark :D
  2. nkhoi


    tick quest let you overlay time frame so you get true 20MA of each time frame together.
  3. Neoticker is the best bet. True mulitple time frames. Difficult to learn. Must read help files. Once you understand how it works it becomes easy.

    You can do muliple time frames in Tradestation do but you have to set up next time frame functions.

    Neoticker is best.

  4. I've looked into TickQuest/Neoticker and they have a great deal for end of day. Have any of you worked with or checked out Wealth-Lab?