Retiree Ponzi Scheme $16 Trillion Short: Laurence Kotlikoff

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  2. The primary reason we are in the mess we have... is because the majority of the people we elect to Congress and the White House... HAVE NO HONOR!! They are politicians... SELF-SERVING, LYING, THIEVING, BOTTOM-FEEDING SCUM!

    Part of that is our own fault... some of us are willing to vote for the LYING, THIEVING politico who promises to "give us something for free" in exchange for our vote. Half of us are as despicable as the A-Holes we vote for. :mad: :mad:
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    Freethinker- I'm ok wiht you being a free thinker and having a liberal view- but what I dislike is that you're hostile about expressing your views. The truth is that there are a lot of people that want to bomb every major city in the U.S.- and I'm glad that that does not happen. While some money certainly could be saved there- I think we can save a lot of the government's money in the areas of health and education- where money is not spent wisely.
  4. What if "more of us vote, but vote stupidly"? Getting "more" people to vote isn't as important what we should be voting for... and that is "that which made America what is was"... More in line with the Constitution rather than LIBERALISM'S CANCER!
  5. you have no clue either. we still maintain 3 ways of destroying the soviet union. a country that no longer exists. we now spend more on defense than the whole budget was during the reagan administration.
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    do you have the numbers here? Does this shock and awe statistic also apply to:

    payments due to losses on consumer mortgages that the US Government insures?

    and to get us back on topic... Social security?
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    I really love these arguments about whether to cut defense spending and let Islamofascists bomb us into oblivion or to throw old people under the bus... what a bunch of unreality politics uncovers... environuts think we are all going to live like 11th century peasants, liberalnuts think we are going to want to give away the whole gnp and conservnuts... actually make some sense come to think of it...
  8. Social security is one of the best programs the government runs. i has kept millions of elderly out of poverty and off the streets. it is a simple matter to fix it and can be accomplished with the stroke of a pen. means test it. there is no reason wealthy people should be drawing ss.
    on top of that i for one will not support any cuts in social security as long as we have no problem wasting 500 billion a year on war spending.
  9. What pisses me off, is when all these shills talk about how we should change or get rid of social security, they never elude to the fact that social security also includes disability insurance that you can collect at any age, if you can prove that you are disabled and can't work. You can also received a check from the state if you are disabled.

    I know because it happened to me. I was disabled at 55.

    Moreover, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Sarah Palin got it line for disability payment for her mongoloid child. Now would that bring a guffah from the left.
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