Rethinking the universality of Economics.

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  1. For a very long time Economists from all “schools” have been trying and theorizing economics under “the one universal prescription”.

    Imagine you go to the doctor and every time you have a problem you are faced with the same answer, same prescription and same doctrine.

    All economists from all schools are desperately searching to write things on stone.

    If there is an issue on topic X ……………ah well you can find the answer on page # from book XX.

    All humankind economic history can be successfully explained.

    That does not make economic science too hard is it??

    Don’t you get bored???

    As an economics and accounting major I have different ideas myself.

    For example: in accounting (even under the universality of “debits & credits” and 3 different financial statements) no matter how similar the problem is you must “AUDIT” the data and offer a unique explanation and a unique solution.
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