Retest DJI 10,000

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dividend, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. The theory is that the DJI will retest 10,000 within weeks or some months (currently DJI 11,000). After an unheard of 70% gain in 52 weeks it makes sense to lock in gains and thank the Fed for free money.

    I speculate that the next big correction in the stock market will originate from an export crash in China, most likely from when they tweak cny/usd the wrong way. China property crash will follow. Trade war conditions have developed; Google leaving China in the way they did sends a message that is clear. They are well connected and know something. I sense not enough fear from the market so when the selling hits it's gonna hit 'em hard.

    Then again, the market could melt up to DOW 15,000, unemployment 6%, pump $3.50 gasoline, AAPL $750, and I'll be typing from an iPad next year.
  2. Trust your initial instinct, as long as it's based on experience, not impulse. :cool:
  3. Didn't expect a -1,000 point crash to happen in a single day.
  4. They tweaked cny/usd and the market went the other way
  5. Wait, so you're saying it could go up or down within weeks or months?

    Excellent prognostication.

    How about a little more analysis?