Retard strength

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  1. Phil Hendrie did a bit with retard strength and the Urban Dictionary in it last night. I knew a guy that his mom was the head nurse at a big mental hospital. He told stories of guys that could walk around with their arms held straight out and holding up as many people on each arm as could grab on. I wonder how that works? Are they too dumb to know they are getting injuries? They can do those things with no workout program at all. I saw an old guy that is going senile pick up a couple of bags in the yard and walk away with one in each hand held out in front of him like, they were full of soaked leaves and stuff, I had a hard time picking up one with two hands and he was walking with one in each hand and he's about 80 yo. He did complain about his shoulder hurting afterwards. Some of the martial arts people believe in Chi energy but there is some proof that it's more voodo than anything and has no effect on people that don't believe in the chi thingy, a video of a cage fighter kicking an Aikido guy repeatedly in the face while he is throwing his chi spell proved that for me.....
  2. The body can do at least 10 times what the mind thinks it can do.

    I think being conscious of your "limits" becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    That's not always necessarily a bad thing, as in some cases it can prevent injury (ie being old and senile hauling around big ass bags of wet leaves and stuff) but most of the time people sell themselves short in their minds.

    It's ironic that in their mind most people overestimate their skills and abilities in but in action that very same mind becomes their most limiting factor. Kind of weird.
  3. One thing the Urban Dictionary said was that Retard strength is never used for anything productive... interesting. There are the cases where really weak old ladies turn a car over to save somebody, who knows what that is about. The muscles work in little teams, one set of fibers works, then the next and so on, when the first set is recharged they work again.. one source of strength is to just have a psychological control so that you can use all those muscle fibers at once. I've seen martial arts guys make moves that were faster than the eye could record, one instant the foot is here, the next instant as far as the eye could catch, the foot is there... it does not explain how the old lady can flip a car over and not get hurt however..
  4. you've been watching too much Kung Pow! LOL!

    None of those stories are true :D
  5. Sure, I was standing next to a Shotokan guy that front kicked without it registering any interim motion, nothing wrong with my eyes at the time... they work out extremely hard [not my eyes, the Shotokan guys] and get that capability after a few years, if they start young enough. DO NOT START UP ANYTHING WITH THOSE GUYS, THE KICK I SAW LOOKED QUITE LETHAL AND THE GUYS AT THAT DOJO WERE MEAN GUYS, NOT AFRAID TO HURT PEOPLE AT ALL!!

    I knew some kids that made fun of a retarded kid and he got upset finally and crushed a mailbox. They said he just went over and crushed it by squeezing it!!
  6. I think I saw that chap with the bags of leaves as well. He was quite a decent sized fellow but rather odd looking as he was bright green and all of his clothes were ripped. I am sure I heard him saying to someone "Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry" just before bursting out of his elasticated waist slacks and man made fibre shirt and turning into a big avocado looking thing. With bags of wet leaves.

    As for the reapetedly kicked in the face bit, I had a bit of that in Amsterdam recently. It cost me €5000. And left me looking like The Elephant Man.

    It was bloody marvellous though.
  7. LOL!!!

    Are you sure it wasn't a matchbox?
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  9. Pardon me for asking Willy but why do you think it is that you have no mates? Are you a sort of Boo Radley character (Ted Bundy more like!) or do you just prefer your own company (in solitary?)

    Still you have a point though - if all that happened to me it would certainly take my mind off my Eurostox position that is 40 ticks wrong.

    Might smart somewhat though.