Retailer´s April sales numbers

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  1. Macy's April same-store sales down 9.1%

    BJ's April same-store sales down 4.9%

    Gap April same-store sales down 4%

    Limited April same-store sales down 6%

    Stage Stores April comparable sales down 1.5%

    Wal-Mart April same-store sales ex gas up 5%
  2. Wal-Mart Stores reported a 5% jump in April same-store sales, better than expected. Wal-Mart also said it will no longer report same-store sales on a monthly basis.

    LOL ! :D
  3. CNBC only reports same store sales that are better than expected.

    I'm serious.

    I caught a glimpse of Kernin and that motley crew this morning and they were blushing about Wal-Mart's sales (and yes, isn't it odd that Wal-Mart won't report sales data monthly anymore. I wonder why?).
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    We've been reading for months about the huge reduction in international shipping, including from China to the US- if the reduction isn't from what Wal-Mart sells, what is it?
  5. J.C. Penney April same-store sales down 6.6%

    Saks April same-store sales down 32%

    Kohl's April same-store sales down 6.2%
  6. I feel obligated to expose your lieing...

    Straight from CNBC on May 7. Costco same store sales worse than expected.
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    Of course they were down but THEY WERE BETTER THAN expected so that makes things a little more brighter for the economy, right.
  8. Oh my.

    I watched a 15 minute segment of CNBS this morning, and the only same store sales number they mentioned, repeatedly, was Wal-Mart.



    G_d knows CNBC are wearing their rally caps, pushing an agenda.

    G_d watches Bloomberg.
  9. So you watched CNBC this morning for 15 minutes and all they talked about was Wal-Mart same store sales (which are not insignificant to the global economy). This led you to conclude that CNBC NEVER reports worse than expected same store sales numbers??? Quite the factual research you've done there.

    CNBC does have their rally caps on, but what do you gain by making such a ridiculous statement? And then you tell us to trust you, it's true...

    Somebody has to keep the fear mongering in check.
  10. Are these #'s YOY or against the previous month?
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