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  1. I am up for the challenge. I created a Twitter account:

    My trades will be placed on the account starting in the early morning. I am just going to post my BGU/BGZ trades which is basically a 3X Spy and my Apple trades.

    Im using Twitter because its the cool thing to do and you guys can follow it or use an RSS feed to monitor it or whatever you guys do with it. You can basically follow it easier, I can update it easier and I will come back to this journal to update the rest as we go.

    For the trolls among you, the account is not tied to my real email account or cellphone. I made up an email on gmail which is I will not be checking that frequently if at all...So if you find some way to spam the twitter account or abuse it, rest assured its not going to be placing notes in my real email account or on my cellphone.

    Follow the twitter account at your own risk. I take no liability for what you will do with any of that information. I am just some ole dude trying to show you guys up. So take it for what it is...
  2. Just posted my first trade to Twitter in the morning. Long BGZ at 11.33. Time-stamp is on the twitter post.
  3. Lucrum


    I thought you said we're supposed to be in cash - "right now".
  4. First you chastise me for not making solid calls saying there is no record of my calls. Then I try to establish a twitter account with a solid call. Now you blast me for doing that.
  5. Lucrum


    Oh there's a record of your calls. And most of them suck.
  6. Thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to post on this thread and share their knowledge. There has been some very useful information posted and hopefully, other traders (and future hedge fund managers) can benefit from it.

    Since my last post, I have had some very interesting experiences. I began corresponding with a man who is a very serious and successful trader. He invited me to visit him at his home and as crazy as it sounds, I did it because my gut told me it was the right thing to do. He and his wife were most gracious and generous and prepared a fantastic meal. We spoke for 5 hours about all kinds of things and it felt like 15 minutes to me (probably a lot longer than that for him). I was touched by his kindness and breadth of knowledge and I learned many things that day. I look forward to growing the friendship we established over a lifetime and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity. It just goes to show you that you never know what can come out of a posting on Elitetrader!
  7. Really now....since your last post? So from 12:20 am EST till 1:54 am EST you managed to have a 5 hr conversation AND dinner at someone's house?


    See, Retaildaytrader, this is why no one takes you seriously. You're a joker, albeit a harmless one, but nevertheless a boob.


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    Hey port, why is the market up? I thought you urged us to be in cash.
  9. He thanked everybody for posting on this thread and shared knowledge, and very useful information, and other traders can benefit from it. From my count, I only saw Lucrum saying his calls sucked. LOL. Very entertaining indeed. :)
  10. I guess the very useful knowledge to takeaway from this thread is that RTD 'calls' suck and other traders can benefit from NOT listening to him. Don't know what else he could possibly mean.


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