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  2. Hope it is cheaper than their professional version :)
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    Well, according to the statement, it says transactional based. That is what J-Trader does. In other words, they tack on a charge per contract, i.e .50 a side or 1.00 RT. So if you trade less then 600 contracts a month, it's a good deal I guess.
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    Velocity futures already offers a transactional model. They just charge more for commissions.

    I am guessing TT is going to roll out a similar plan across the board to compete with Pats and everyone else on the retail end.
  5. maybe some competition for IB. But they are way behind IB in operational and structural rollout.

    Oh wait..IB's TWS is FREE.

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    I don't think you understand, they do not compete with IB because they are not a broker! Instead, it would be a front end that one could possibly use WITH IB. Get it? Good.

    It seems as though they are offering a different product for the retail crowd on top of it being a transactional based approach. Although my question is, what are they going to remove to call it a retail product?
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    IB and TT had (maybe still do) a deal back a few years ago. IB was going to include something from TT. Booktrader pretty much operates the same way.
  8. duh ..yes they are a front end that um... needs to be rolled out to brokers and integrated with back office systems, support staff, additional markets, products, etc etc etc.

    stick a link on ib's third party apps page and lets move on lol.

    TT about to realize they're just another front end in the retail world. And an overpriced one at that.
  9. Yes...unfortunately the retail world with get this streamlined version that will be probably buggy for a year... not differently to what happened with the version 7.x originally.

    Don't forget that TT released version 7 one year ago and still there are brokers switching to 7.3 or later their customers...slowly! And for reasons probably!... :(

  10. Other than speed and great stability (worth the cost because of those two attributes) X-Trader isn't exactly feature laden. In fact it's primitive, inconvenient and unnecessarily resource intensive.

    Never before has a company gotten more litigious mileage out of patents that deliver so little innovation.
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