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Discussion in 'Trading' started by MACD, May 27, 2002.

  1. MACD


    I am looking for an office in Las Vegas to trade from.

    I seek a Retail location as I do not have a Series 7.

    Sorry to use this forum for my needs but I have exhausted all sources including searching this board.

    Thanks for your assistance.
  2. To trade at an office,prop i assume you mean,you do need a series 7.
  3. MACD



    Thanks for your response. I am looking for a "Retail Trading" office in Las Vegas. Not "prop".

    I appreciate your comments.
  4. axehawk


    Try Redwood Trading. I think they accept retail customers.
  5. You can trade anywhere retail, why would you be treated different than anyone else? My question is always, "why not take the stupid test"? Anyway, good luck in your endeavor.

    Don Bright
  6. MACD


    Don, thanks for the response.

    I have considered taking the "Stupid Test". I purchased all of the course materials and have studied them to the point where I believe I could pass the test.

    The reasons I hesitate to obtain a Series 7 license are:

    1. I value my financial privacy and you give up much of that with
    the Series 7 disclosure requirements. I operate several other
    business ventures which must be disclosed completely and
    additionally every time you change your financials you are
    required to report. (Buy or Sell business interests, etc.)

    2. For tax reasons and again privacy I prefer to trade with a
    corporate account or LLC. Most prop firms will not permit a
    corporate account. Does Bright?

    3. My commissions are low. I have been paying .075 per share,
    including all fees.

    4. My leverage is 5 to 1 minimum. The rules for risk
    management are very fair and not oppressive.

    5. The office and equipment are more than adequate with great
    onsite services including 4 full time techs for a small office.
    Services include a sqawk box, excellent news feeds -- very
    current -- beating CNBC and others by at least 5 minutes. T3
    feeds, as many 21 inch monitors as I require.

    6. Direct access to all markets. All ECNs available. Good order
    execution platform and adequate charts. (The software has
    some flaws but is adequate -- not perfect.)

    7. The office ambience is professional and well run. Management
    is first rate and concerned about the traders which shows in
    their attitudes and quick response to any problems.

    I guess I am spoiled. This was a great place to trade. Then I move to the great city of Las Vegas for business reasons and I find this to be a great wasteland for trading firms. At least I can't find them. Even Bright is not listed in the phone book? Or if so, I could not find your phone listing. Every major retail brokerage cannot be found in Las Vegas -- at least I was not able to find them as of today. I can't even find a small one.

    Don, if you know of any I would appreciate your letting me know on the forum or private message me please. I know of your firm and you and your brother are highly respected. Your firm is no doubt one of the best places to trade in the country, and certainly for prop traders the best in Las Vegas (may even be the only one in Las Vegas).

    Thanks again for your kind response and well wishes.
  7. MACD


    I am unable to find the website or telephone number for Redwood Trading. Google provides a link but it no longer works.

    Any additional information will be appreciated.

    Thanks again...
  8. axehawk


    Redwood Trading
    7201 West Lake Mead, Suite 500
    Las Vegas NV 89128
    Ph: 702 838 9779
    Fax: 702 341 0854
  9. nitro



    Just out of curiosity, what place was/is this that gave/gives this deal to retail traders?

  10. MACD,

    Please let me know as well the name of the firm your with.

    Thanks in advance
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