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retail sales numbers

  1. down from last years sales

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  2. exceeds last years sales

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  1. LEAPup


    Any guesses on retail sales this Christmas? My Wife's jewelry store isn't faring anything like last year, and she has everything from what I'd call "run of the mill," to Rolex, Breitling, Tag Heuer, and of course, diamond rings.

    I'm starting to wonder what the rest of retail is doing... Doesn't look good.
  2. S2007S


    I heard only good things from the articles I have read however who knows what to expect, retailers are struggling that's why they are extending hours and keeping prices of products lower for longer periods this season than any other in the past. Some even went as far to extend the so called cyber monday into cyber tuesday, its getting really pathetic to say the least.

    Retailers try to convince the consumer to constantly go out and shop this seasons sales. Some of the sales I have seen come and go through out the entire year not just these next 30 days.

    Also dont pay attention to a sale that says 40% or 75% off, its usually on the MSRP which any dumb consumer should know that products are never sold at MSRP levels. Macys, Sears etc. and most jewelry places do this to think your getting a great deal, when your not.

    I noticed a cybermonday sale on Swiss watches on amazons website,

    Amazon Cyber Monday: Swiss Legend Men's Commander Collection Watch

    While Walmart may be the largest retail giant in the world, Amazon earns that title when it comes to online sales. The online retailer has kicked off website-wide sales for the next 24 hours and hopes to capitalize on those shoppers still hunting for bargains before the holiday. Among the best deals online at the moment on would have to be that for the Swiss Legend Men's Commander Collection watch at a drastically reduced price of $99.99 (MSRP $695.00).

    Just to let you know this watch was never $695 to begin with, you can buy it all day long on many other retail website for $99 to as much as $150. I guess there are still idiot consumers out there who actually think they are buying a $695 watch for as little as $99. Fools.
  3. LEAPup


    Well, all I can say from a very micro level is "sh*t isn't selling like it did last year." For my Wife's store that is. She has a loyal customer base, and they are usually rather "predictable" in their spending. Sure some will buy the $67,000 diamond for their bride to be, but that isn't occuring as 'predictably' in years past...

    The volume is low(er), and the items sold have less profit spread. The consumer is MUCH more educated in knowing about what they should pay for a nice/high-end piece of jewelry with the internet being as amazing as it is today. With that, they buy, but the profit spread is smaller in high end, and the volume as a whole is down vs. last year...

    That's one perspective... I'm more concerned with what overall retail sales are/are going to be.
  4. Bob111


    no way they going to exceed prev.year. with unemployment\uncertainty on rise,gas prices around 3.5 and groceries prices up THROUGH the way. this black friday was a perfect example..i was last in very long line in best buy @ the store @ 5:05, out around 5:10 and there no single person at the cashier! bought a nook for my son for 99$.
  5. Bob111


    yes. this type of shit is all over the,best buy,target...there is really not much of deals.hype and cheap cheats..pep boys-GPS for 50 AR. on add,but what's not on add that this junk is "factory re-certified". bought a LCD frame at staples-man..that thing looks like it's been returned to the store after like year of usage..i think retailers(the brick and mortar stores) are truly desperate. long fedex and UPS,short staples and best buy..