Retail sales number very good

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  1. retail stocks and the market have been signaling this for months. it looks like the market is smarter than our resident doom and gloomers.
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    Yet again strip out the stimulus, strip out hundreds of weeks of unemployment benefits, strip out the free money printing, strip out the easy money policies bubble ben bernanke had put into place and that retail sales number would have been so negative they probably wouldn't even announce it.
  3. so in terms of the economy these measures are working? we are stock market traders. it is our job to make money in the market. the market likes what it sees. if you have been bearish all this time what now?
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    So if we go lower today mid day or late day do you think that is significant ?
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    Can't keep doing stimulus forever - we have this little problem called a deficit.

    Markets are forward looking - do you like what you see coming down the road?
  6. no. we are due. we are up 10 days in a row. how often does that happen. any pullback will be bought.
  7. much public debt has been transfered to the government balance sheet. the government has staying power. as long as the government can borrow at these cheap rates the deficit does not matter. eventually it will cause another debt panic like 2008 but that could be years ahead.
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    So you agree its unsustainable and we just disagree on the timing. Fair enough... I don't see a lot of upside from here, certainly not worth the downside risk but then again I'm short the S&P (ES) so maybe I'm biased by my position.
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    So the deficit doesn't matter and another debt panic like 2008 is nearly guaranteed in the next few years.

    I agree about the next panic however not to think the deficit doesn't matter is a great problem.

    These easy money policies that are in place are as worse as the ones greenspan put in in 2001-2002. Right now this economy is creating the next asset bubbles, of course they are tiny right now but give it time before they pop again, the next crisis wont be saved the same way it was saved the this time, the next time will be 100X more complex than the last asset bubble they believe they "fixed" and prevented our economy from the "GDII"
  10. This month was reported as "good" but last month revised considerably lower. It's a wash. But that's ok, no matter than Feb will be also revised lower next month. Fantasy land has to continue!:)
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