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Discussion in 'Trading' started by bronks, Nov 24, 2001.

  1. bronks


    which realistically offers the most opportunity for success? I know some members of this board have done several of the above and would be interested in their opinion. And others of course. Being a retail trader I'm wondering how much, if any, of a disadvantage I have compared to other types of traders.

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    Obviously, if anyone would like to respond they are more than welcome. But comparing retail to prop firms, etc. has been discussed many, many times in a variety of threads. If you do just the slightest bit of research I'm sure you'll across across what you're looking for.
  3. bronks


    Yes, I have read a bunch of them but it was snippets here and bits and pieces there. Just wanted to start a "be all end all" thread on the subject. That and the fact I'm pretty lazy when it comes to research. Thanks though.

  4. Turok


    >I'm pretty lazy when it comes to research

    It doesn't matter which way you choose to trade -- you're gonna be one of the best.

  5. bronks


    Who said sarcasm was dead; Turok, YOU DA MAN! It's good to see a senior member putting in such thought and effort into answering a question by a newbie. Think I'll quit trading and go sell used trading books on Scripps Pier.

  6. Hitman


    Institution > Prep > Retail. The more capital you have access to, the bigger size you trade without blowing up, more successful you will be. Obviously there are losers at each level, but the winners win bigger at an institution, plain and simple.

    Of course, when it comes to personal freedom and ease of entry, Retail > Prep > Institution, so that is the catch.

    Floor broker is tough to rate, are you talking about specialists/market makers? In that case I will rate them next to institutional traders.
  7. Bronks,

    I think Turok's comments are valid... if that is the sort of attitude you have about simple research, you will have little chance of being a success. You just aint gonna make it as a self-confessed 'lazy' person... sorry, just telling it as it is.

  8. Turok


    >Turok, YOU DA MAN! It's good to see a senior
    >member putting in such thought and effort
    >into answering a question by a newbie.

    A quick search of the archives will find my hopefully helpful postings to newbies to be quite extensive (Oh, that's right -- you are too "LAZY" to do searches, never mind).

    You will find me very willing to help those who help themselves. You will find me very sarcastic to those who say 'yeah, I know the information is out there in the threads, but I'd really rather have you helpful folks spend your time spoon feeding me free of charge'.

    I'm out.