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  2. Classic examples of "most option buyers lose money"..??
  3. shh don't tell the 95% of ET'ers that lose

    i dont wanna have to compete with 1000 more ppl to sell my spreads

  4. I doubt you make money selling spreads, the market is too volatile. Your short strikes are getting hit too many times.

    Oh I know ...... you "adjust your positions" or you have some sort of "repair strategy". LOL.

  5. Those options are some of the most overpriced options out there. Good for her. Keepin it simple. Does one thing and does it well.
  6. Whats the basic strategy? I don't want to watch.:D
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    selling teenies
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    Selling out 8 weeks, strangles on SPX mainly.

    5% chance of ITM for puts, 10% chance for ITM for calls.

    Once these get to 30% chance of ITM, she rolls up, closes some out.

    The whole interview seemed rubbish...I want to know her last name to see if she is real since she claims to manage two funds.

  9. I tried too watch them but there is too much banter going back and forth. I lasted 3 minutes on the first video and 1 minute on the second video then I lost interest.

    There is only one way to turn 100k into $41 million with option trading and that is buying - not selling. But then I didn't watch the videos so maybe I missed something.

  10. She started taking in opm when she hit $800k in profits.
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