Retail Inflation and Consumer Staples Stocks

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Joe Doaks, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. My wife is always getting sucked in by specious sales ads which advertise "ridiculously low prices!" So I made up a spread sheet for her of thge things we commonly buy so she would be able to see that nobody EVER beats Sams's Club prices.

    A side benefit of this is that I periodically track what Sam's prices are.

    No inflation? Wipe my ass! In the past ten months, the products we buy are up:

    paper towels - 2%

    bottled water - 9%

    toilet paper - 22%

    So I own XLP, the consumer staples sector spyder. Ditto for gasoline, UGA. Always use protection.

    A tip for lushes on a budget. If you drink vodka, buy Everclear and cut it with filtered or spring water to the proof you usually drink. It's 43% of the cost of a typical vodka. The nice thing about Everclear is that you can burn it inside your body or outside.
  2. Do you buy the "half gallons", 1.75 liters, or the "fifths", 750ml? :confused: :D
  3. 1.75 liters. Priced to the penny the same as Tito's at GoodyGoody. If you filter your own water, that cost is near zero. But throw a few bucks of your savings in an old pickled pigs' feet jar for a liver transplant.