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    Does anyone know if IB allows the trading of currency futures outside of the published hours on thier website?

    I would like the option of trading currency futures during the Asian session if the need arises.

    CME website:
    Weekday Openings: 17:00
    All Closings: 16:00

    IB website:
    CME (Electronic-Globex)
    Sunday 16:00 - Friday 17:00 (ET) Forex

    ok so far, but when I choose a product
    such as: 6A Australian Dollar

    it shows the exchange times as:

    Sun 1500-2359
    Mon 0830-1600
    Tue 0830-1600
    Wed 0830-1600
    Thu 0830-1600
    Fri 0830-1600
    Sat Closed

    The times are conflicting.
    I'm confused as to what hours I can trade currency futures.

    I have directed this question to IB, but have not received a response as yet.


    Matt :)