Retail foreign account-Opening????

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by alientrader, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Guys,

    I am looking to open a retail foreign account. Does anyone know of any daytrading firms that would do this for me?

    I cant do IB, coz i need a hot-keys platform like Anvil. and i am also told Assent dosent do foreign accounts.

    If anyone has any advice on this, I would deeply appreciate it.

  2. def

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    what hotkeys do you need?
  3. Every trade I make I am using nothing but hot keys on IB's TWS!?

  4. man, i would love if somebody made a special trading keyboard.

    like one with several big buttons that i could program with IB's hotkeys for

    Buy at bid, close position, sell @ ask, buy @ market, sell @ market, etc.

    i have buttons programmed into my dom (booktrader) but a little external keypad would be AWESOME.

    does anybody make something like this?
  5. lescor


    Tuco Trading will open foreign accounts no problem. The software is HydraTrade and it's all hotkey based. If you've used Anvil, you'll be quite comfortable with Hydra.

    You can pm me for more info on the firm if you'd like.
  6. def

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    your question reminded me of these old thread that use external or reconfigured keypads for IB for IB.
  7. tomchun

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    hey....i can get you in assent. and provide
    anvil soft for me
  8. those are ok, but i want BIG buttons

    i'm all about big buttons :)
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