Retail broker for US citizens that reside outside of the US

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  1. I know many US brokerage firms will not maintain accounts for American citizens if they move out of the US. Are the any discount brokerage firms that will maintain accounts for US citizens that reside in foreign countries?
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    We do.
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    Yes, as mentioned above Interactive Brokers. One account, all exchanges, products etc with the added benefit of institutional FX rates which can add up to huge savings. Below is a current snap shot I just took of some of the majors
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    It would be easier and less cumbersome if you'll just use a European broker or offshore. It is cheaper with offshore brokers. Just find a decent one that has stood the test of time. Forexchief and Hotforex not bad. You'll need to setup a non-US profile and your money handled outside the U.S
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    When you want a retail broker in the U.S. that doesn’t mean that you have to just look into the brokers who reside in the U.S., instead there are several trusted brokers like TD Ameritrade, Coinexx and ETrade that doesn’t live in the U.S but can help you a lot in the markets of U.S.
    While I had been trading in the U.S. market, all the help that I needed regarding the decision-making, I got from these brokers. In fact, there were not even any availability issues. Whenever I needed their help, I got a quick response. Surely Coinexx and TD Ameritrade are the recommended brokers and will help you with your trading needs.
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    First off, those are bucket shops not brokers. Second, you need to show them a passport or other ID that's not US based to withdraw your money. Unless you're a dual citizen you're out of luck at that point. I award you a 0 for horrible advice!
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    Well, sorry if you feel that way. This option is still available to those who know how to go about it.
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    No feelings involved, those are just facts. If you disagree with any of those specific facts or have a secret way around them then please do explain in detail. Otherwise, your advice is again singularly useless.
  10. I am also in the same boat as you and have been trading with brokers like Forex com, FxView and IG. It has been quite a good experience. No issues with customer support or withdrawls.