Retail Broker- A Day in "the life"

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  1. Been a Series 7 Broker, and 66 RIA coming into the business after the crash in 2000. Back then, I was a newbie, and made all my phone calls without getting too burned out by the hang ups, the fuck you's, and the "I'm cashing in my IRA to buy a new motor home" calls.

    2008, I call someone I was introduced to, or a previous contact, and hear something like this:

    * "We sold all of our stocks in our brokerage account, and paid our house off. We're not ever owning another stock again."

    Me- "Sorry to hear that." (In more ways than one, as they had a 5.5% fixed/30 rate on the house, and sold everything at the bottom of the market, or course. Great job CNBC.:mad: )

    * "What's your spill? If it's investing, fuck off."

    Me- (if they haven't hung up yet) "Well, not everyone with money wants to do something intelligent with it. I've...probably got the wrong number. Have a nice day."

    * "We're not changing from the Bank." (Even though the Bank threw them into prop funds that suck, and the "service" there is a nightmare. Most are down 7-10% YTD in Funds. Some are down over 50% in the Bank's stock they were sold, which is mind-bending to me in this regulatory environment how they got done that way.)

    Me- "What is it that you're happy with at the Bank?"

    Them- "Well, we're not changing, so that's that." Click...
    (Yes, they know the Bank has lost money for them:confused: )

    I'm putting their money with a 21 year Vet Money Manager, and have input on the trades. The numbers are very, very good, but I'm at a 10 on the frustration level at this point. These people have had the chance to meet three-four times, have a Financial Plan completed, and have their assets managed by an Advisor who will give them service, and performance they deserve, as it's THEIR money.

    No up front commissions, no back end surrender charges like the packaged products that were originally rammed down their throats by the Bank that only cares about the Bank. (fee based)

    I can give them the audited performance numbers, and let them know that if they aren't happy with their account with me in a few months, I'll go to the Bank WITH them, and help them fill out the transfer paperwork so they can go right back (back to a mess)
    The Clients that have come over with me, are very happy. But, testimonials are not allowed. All they can basically say is they enjoy the service at the new firm...

    I'm letting them know that we're up over 6.2% YTD for the balanced Client, and they are down 7-10%. Still nothing...

    Any other Brokers, and/or RIA's out there having issues like these with people?

    How are you overcoming it?

    Between the financial porn that gets spewed on the news every hour about how the sky is falling,:mad: and the miserable service mess many investors find themselves in with "the big firms," I'm starting to wonder if I'll wake up with ALL of my hair grey in the mornings.:eek: This is worse than I saw in 2002 with getting through to people to make the right choices...:confused: