Retail and institutional abandon markets?

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by fanews, May 10, 2011.

  1. fanews


    Trading and investing volume is down in trading and investing.

    Traders are not running into the market and investors are withdrawing money from the scam markets.

    Trading is rigged by HFT machines and investing you can't trust the integrity of the products and management companies.

    The perception of the public is that wall street is a scam operation.

    Even the US FED is losing it's integrity and trust, which is horrible.

    Nobody has ever questioned the value of the USD or integrity of the FED until recently.

    If people have no confidence in the value of the Fed or the paper(fiat money). In financial or business world, trust is everything.

    Goldman Sachs is considered one of the trustworthy investment banks. For large institutional and indivdual investors, SIPC doesn't insure above $1 million

    Any sign of scam, take the money and run.

    Fuck off man!
  2. TGregg


    Take the currency that requires faith and trust to be of value? Hmmm. . . .
  3. fanews


    The rise in commodity like gold and silver and oil and hard goods speaks for itself.

    Gold, Real Estate. Land.

    There are not enough wealthy people to buy all the real estate. People are broke so they sell their bank owned homes. You only need to live in one house. People buying more than 1 house is for speculation or investment.

    People cannot afford to buy home hence price of homes don't rise AND huge baby boomers are retiring and selling and moving to retirement homes.

    Government central planning backfires. The free markets knows everything.

    The problem is wealth is destroyed with destuction of fiat money so everybody is poorer in real terms. Destruction of 'real' wealth.