Resume review service in NY?

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    I am looking to update my resume. I have done it myself many times before, but it seems that now I am not able to put my current experience in a reasonable form. I need a service in NY where I can sit with a person and talk about details (not just E-mailing resume to somebody and getting it back in a different format). Who can recommend such service
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    Sure. There is a hot dog vendor on Broadway and 47th, he is the guy that did mine. BTW, don't eat the knishes.:D
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    A friend of mine did that cost him $500 bucks.

    Those type of services are not cheap unless you go to the unemployment offices where you live, they are 100% free. No need to spend hundreds of dollars in this economy, you have to understand that the job market has fallen apart and that your resume 2 years ago would have landed you a job without a problem in about 2 days, it's not the resume, it's the entire job market that's broken. Don't waste your money.
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    You are probably right... Two years ago (right after the college) I was getting plenty of calls fro headhunters. Today I receive only spam.
  5. Agree. Monster Jobs tells us how to get ahead of the next guy when there are simply not enough jobs to go around.

    If you don't have some inside contacts, you perfect resume may not get any attention.
  6. Hiring someone does not guarantee a good resume, more likely you will get some lipstick and mascara added to your existing resume.

    Go to Borders, and find the career section. There are some books of resumes. And many example resumes. Look through resumes and advice for your particular field, and start brainstorming and following their suggested formats.

    Only you know all the details kf

    And don't fall for the "list all the savings or accomplishments you did."

    Most recruiters and places will scan resumes looking for buzz words "Sharepoint." "SAP" "accounting" etc. etc.
  7. There are plenty of fake jobs listings on Craigslist & Yahoo Hot Jobs. If you apply to them, you will be asked to fill out forms that tried to get your age and other private info. They also try to get your reference with their job titles - so they can telemarket them.

    They collect your info to sell to online scam schools and job sites (such as agencies that wants an upfront fee.

    Apply to those jobs and you will get lots of spammed (big time) and telemarketing calls!!
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    I agree, but you don't have to go to Borders. There are a TON of free resources on the web - do a Google search. Sure, you will have to spend some time weeding through crap but you will find everything you need and some great ideas you never thought of.

    Good luck.
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    Hi guys! Years latter I have the same problem: who can advise a good resume writer in NY?:D
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    Did you find a job in between?

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