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Discussion in 'Politics' started by gordo, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. gordo


    Hey all,

    was browsing the CL sight and came across a resume in the Philidelphia area. Wondering why an apparent hedge fund manager with credentials from Wharton, etc, and worked with Quantum Management LLC, would post on CL. It's probably nothing, I am bored, and thought that I would ask for chatting. But for any that are in the hedge world, would you or do look for resumes on sites like CL? Just curious.

  2. If you're looking for ugly discount hookers, Craigslist is the place!
  3. gordo


    Well we all know, that's what I had in mind, but found potential hedge fund manager instead. I'm pretty friggin' bored today man :(

  4. Does he offer GFE?
  5. what do the russian slaves usually offer you?
  6. Nothing good. Just a bunch of wildly incorrect assumptions about what goes on in countries I've never visited and know nothing about.

    Seriously ratboy, with all my interest in guns and bows, do you know that I've never once shot at a living animal, and never plan to do so? Like I'm the kind of person who would actually stoop to exploiting a sex-slave?


    LoZZZer is the guy you should ask about that sort of thing. He's already made his sadistic tendencies quite clear.
  7. this is what i called a redneck gathering.
  8. well please forgive me for my wild assumptions but they werent completely unfounded:

  9. ahhhh. There is nothing like a good blow job from a Romanian slave girl kidnapped from her farm town. Place an advertisement to hire nannies and then put them in a sack and ship them away when they show up for an interview. A very well oiled system these slave traders have. One wonders how many are killed trying to escape.
  10. gordo


    Man, I was just wondering for the sake of conversation, how credible a resume with Wharton, etc was from CL. But this may get interesting.. Oh, yeah, not into picking up hookers, but am amused by some of the freakish postings that one comes across.

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