Results of U.S. bank stress tests to be released Thursday: report

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  1. SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- The Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury Department will release bank stress test results on Thursday, later than previously planned, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday on its Web site. Regulators are expected to disclose potential loss estimates for the country's 19 largest banks individually, according to the Journa
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    If they announce that during trading hours we better have that on our calendars. Last time they did that I got run over multiple times by multiple freight trains.. I didn't know it was coming..
  3. The GS Proprietary Desk needs more time to "position" itself for the report. :cool:
  4. I strongly recommend to split GS. This company is unbearable with regards to competition. Whoever runs over 200 million USD VaR per day, needs to be monitored not only closely by market regulators, there need to be consequences immediately.
  5. Correct indeed!
  6. ....leveraged 1,000 times! :cool:
  7. ...with all their "little" Ex Goldman hedge fund alumnis wonder RenTech and others are running against an off balance sheet armada of Ex Goldman "intraday liquidity providers"...:mad:
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    Did we buy the good news, or did we buy the bad news?

    Anybody expecting from the banks great results? Did we have false alarm on last september?