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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by lxor, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. lxor


    Hi, I think it would be super if there was a feature on ET to restrict a thread to posters registered more then a year or two or any other period. The purpose of this would be to cut down on mindless and useless chatter by many new members. This restriction would be selectable by the person who started the thread if he or she so desires.

    I realize there are sometimes new members with experience and deep insight. Generally speaking many of them behave like drunken sailors, pissing away their money while making lots of noise just before they disappear from the forums.

    My main motivation behind this is to hear from members who have the most trading experience which generally speaking is a good predictor of successful methodology in trading. I also realize there are some traders who joined ET recently but have traded for years, nevertheless I still think this restriction would overall benefit ET.

    As an added benefit members who were banned and reregistered under a different alias would be in the immediate future unable to disrupt the forum.
  2. TOM134



    NOT a good idea.

    What are you some kind of eugenics czar?

    We have seen enough of the "morality police" in politics; let's not have it here too.

    If you don't like freedom of speech get out of this country.

    I hope this clarifies your fuzzy thinking.

  3. doli


    What you'll get is members who have the most posting experience, which may not be the same thing as members with the most trading experience!

    Actually, if you read carefully you may find that those with the most posting experience are fakers, con men, and papertraders.
  4. lxor


    I did not say anything about the number of post a person makes, that is a whole different story.
  5. lxor


    I dont see too much interest in this idea. I guess I'll just continue ignoring posts with certain registration dates.
  6. How hard is it to simply breeze thru a thread of interest making note of that which you feel is important.. then moving on?
  7. I fail to see that being registered longer yields better posts. Stocktrd3r will be just as self centered and clueless 5 years from now. Jack Hershey just cannot stay away, coming back time and time again to dazzle newbies with his manure
  8. well said - kick this commie to the curb.
  9. lxor


    Thanks a lot. You just responded to a troll, a semi-retarded and barely articulate troll I should add. I really hope you were joking and being sarcastic.
  10. svrart


    this wont happen for a very simple reason. if i were the owner i would be interested in quantity of postings not quality, for that's what sells. the markets by their nature chew and spit out newbies and newbies are the ones most interested in "discussing".

    same logic applies to why there are no faqs, stickies anywhere on this fabulous site.

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