Restaurants remove dining rooms to speed off-site food frenzy

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    Dark kitchens and ghost kitchens

    Sounds like a fad

    This is all the millenials spending money on takeout because most dont have the time to cook or prepare meals. One day they will realize how many thousands and thousands of dollars they are literally throwing away on take out. There hasn't been a signif setback in the economy to slow this lifestyle down but once the recession comes many will realize that spending $100-$200 a week on take out was the very wrong decision. Breakfast $7 Lunch $12 dinner $15-20. Over $8000 a year in takeout is ludacris. Once the slowdown comes many will realize that spending $15 on a burrito and green juice wasn't much worth it at all.
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  3. Yes, young people should budget and keep track of their spending. They'd likely be shocked to see how much they piss away for convenience in a year's time.

    I once knew a girl in Japan who kept track of every penny she spent. Told me one time, "I wash here-and-here every day (pointing to her pits and naughty bits), but I don't take a shower every day... shower costs 15 cents". She was a hoot! :)
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    There is some intentional business cannibalism going on too... Some independents and chains initiate new menus under a different restaurant name, using the existing kitchen. Patrons can dine in or take-out at the existing venue, while the new "venue" and menu is available only for take-out and delivery.

    One chain that is doing this successfully here is Buca Di Beppo. Buca continues to offer dine-in, take out, and delivery, while a newly named place, P.ZA, offers a different menu, with different price points for take-out and delivery only, using the same Buca Di Beppo kitchen and staff.
    I know of 2 independent high(ish)-end sushi places doing the same.
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    And likely another contributing factor to what insurers reported last week as very poor millenial health compared to other generations.
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    They play video games in their parent's basement on an expensive gaming platform, while sitting in a cheap poorly designed non-ergonomic chair. It leads to lifelong severe back problems.
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    Ok boomer.

    Most of this comes from substance abuse and depression.

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    I for one value my time and can't be bothered with cooking. I dislike tipping too.

    And no, haven't bothered using these services
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    Yes, millennials are the first generation to experience a mix of the worst parts of society:

    1. Less family values, less family. Growing up I had 2 friends (excluding myself) who had a father. More recently, there are even mothers bailing out.

    2. Growing up in their teenage years with social media. I remember if you didn't have a MySpace you were a loser.

    3. A lack of connectedness caused by overconnection through social media

    4. Coming of age in 2007-2009

    5. Constant media attention blaming millennials for nearly everything

    6. Relationships don't exist like they used to in the age of tinder

    It just goes on, and on. I couldn't imagine being Gen Z. The mess has only gotten worse now that the average 10 year old has a smartphone.
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