Restaring Windows with same setup screens.

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  1. Do any of you guys know if there is a program used to be able to save all the screens/ programs so when windows is shut down and restarted it opens all applications automatically?

    Thanks !
  2. I know of no such program, but you could make your own with a mouse macro. You'd need one which will save the script in an ".exe" file if you wanted it to start automatically.... not all macros do that.
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    I'd go with gnomes idea.

    X-keys is programmable enough that it should handle a multi-application launch with 1 keystroke.
  4. if you drop the icons into your startup folder they will automatically start when you start windows.
  5. Startup folder method would work well, as long as each individual program you are using allows for its own file and screen configuration to be saved / automatically brought up at launch. Trading and charting apps usually do, others may not.

    What about using good ol' Hibernate feature? As in Start - Turn Off Computer - <<test1<test2>Shift> Stand By

    If none of the above methods quite does it for you, check out the excellent (and free) AutoIt.
  6. Go linux for this.
  7. Thank you guys for the information.

    Truly thought it would be a little less complicated.

    I am not a computer expert, no linux experience, same with macros, auotit seems complicated too, but appreciate your ideas.

    Thought that by now somebody would have come up with a program that did this. Isn't is an obvious idea?

    I will add the programs to the start menu as suggested.

    If I do this, is it possible open several IE windows with the saved web addresses at startup?

    Thanks again and good trading !!! :)
  8. If I recall correctly, the Avant browser (IE skin) gives you the option to automatically open more than one web page. And, Avant is a really great browser.
  9. dont shut down-- just put pc on stand-by
  10. yes. right click on url in favorites menu. send to desktop. then drop that icon into the startup folder. you can drop in as many ie url icons as you want browser windows to start.
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