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Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by steve46, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I noticed that the "Anti-Jack" thread had all the characteristics of a drive by shooting.

    Like a teenager aching to fire a gun for the first time, you ignorant folks post a pseudo test, make a few derogatory comments and flee the scene. Asking the mod to close the thread brings your act to a close

    From my point of view this method kind of "says it all" as regards your character (gentlemen, ladies).

    If you just want some entertainment, why not attend a movie?

    If you want to learn something, you could do better than this

    "I understand time exits are not how one is supposed to exit a "rocket" but the way I look at it, if a "rocket" entry alone doesn't give more of an edge than a random entry, why not just throw darts? Had the entries by themselves shown a significant edge, I would have tested them with other exits."

    This level of "understanding" is often found in children who are in process of learning to tie their shoes. If a person wanted to actually test a system, the way to do so would be to TEST THE ACTUAL RULE SET. Making up your own rule set to test doesn't get it. Are we clear...

    Now if you folks are done, I suggest you put on your helmets and protective gear, get in the bus and go home. Ordinarilly I would suggest some remedial reading, but I just don't see much point.

    When you get off the bus, be careful crossing the street. Hold each others hands.



    For those who might care to read the background (such as it is) here is the link to the original thread
  2. Steve46, I believe you are stonewalling. Neither your responses in the referenced thread nor here contain a shred of strategy trading thought, whereas the posts you detest so much collectively did. That tells me all I need to know about you. It's YOU who are the irrational bitcher. I traded Friday. Did YOU?