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  1. if you're a 'respected poster' please post you insight regarding the recent selloff and the 10 year bond.

    What will happen? How long?

    A lot of people here criticizes me for not knowing how the market works and being a buy and hold permabull so I'm wondering what the 'experts' have to say regarding the current market activity since my analysis isn't up to par apparently.
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    Do 'respected poster' has to show his 'respected poster' appreciation certification before he is allowed to post?
  3. Ask Joab, he and other "veteran traders" were telling us for months that stocks were going to sell off.
  4. And they did, genius!!!! At least a lil bit of a sell-off.
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    :confused: for months??? you mean while it was soaring up??
  6. By your own definition you are not allowed to post on your own thread.... sad.
  7. You might have better luck with a different thread... "Wannabe Respected Poster"
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    Stock_Turd you must be joking

    dude you are a joke with your buy and hold strategy, you think you are equal to me and others LOL

    you post all the time, a real trader doesn't have the time to post as much a you.

    you have no life, you own few shares of few well known companies and you are sitting on it

    MY GRANDMOTHER does that

    I don't respect you NOT AT ALL

    listen boy you got 7 years to go to be equal to me and my knowledge.

    this site is called elite trader NOT lets "invest" and hope for the best :p
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    so you are saying you dont respect grandma either... :p

    I trade lose , make money, sling, answer calls , pay bills , play poker all day, shoot the shit , shit , eat , read espn and still gots plenty of time to post all my crap on ET...oh yeah i dont scalp for pennies..:p
  10. Hmm no one took up my offer :confused:
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