Respectable Trading Blogs Thread.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'd thought i would start up this thread for people to post blogs that they actually find helpful to them.

    The contents of the blog could be anything from stocks, indexes, options, futures, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, strategies, or anything you can think of; as long as they are something that either has helped your trading, or really provides thoughtful trading ideas.

    Because of the different instruments and the areas in which the blog is dedicated to might be different. Please make a note in front of the URL as to what area the blog is meant for, and if you have the time, a brief description about it, as well as some of the things you liked about it.

    Let's make it a clean one, hopefully there wont be many egomaniacs posting their own blogs in search of recognitions, or people selling bogus products.
  2. I doubt that Joe or Baron will allow that. But, good luck anyway.
  3. JM,

    excellent post. I have also read Trader X and Trader Mike's blog before.
  4. gaj


  5. I like Kirk report too that's about four mentions in 2 pages of thread I think it's case closed. I don't like any of these other blogs they all suck. There's a guy Tim Knight he's very good but always on the short side. There was a fantastic blog called The Stock Market barometer but like so many blogs the author got tired and stopped posting.
  6. You guys my want to use ET search feature because in the recent past there are already some in-depth threads here at ET about best or favorite Blogs.

    Thus, so far in this latest thread on the same topic...same info is being reposted again although not as in-depth as the prior discussions.

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