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  1. This is an updated version of my previous thread providing a list of handy resources for traders. The list is by no means comprehensive so if anyone has any links they feel are worthwhile adding, please post them and I’ll update the list as regularly as possible.


    Dual wan routers that manage 2 cable or DSL connections for redundancy:,4149,9781,00.asp

    Setting up multiple monitors: cards.html

    Multimonitor stands:

    Multimonitor graphics cards:

    Monitors and related accessories

    Give your laptop dual screen capability:

    Battery back-up

    Front ends, simulators and order execution software

    Spyware detection, virus and system maintenance software / links

    Furniture for traders,1593,a10-c440-pc1,00.html

    Charting software and data providers

    Laptop cooling and accessories

    Handy pieces of software

    Historical data and data management tools

    laptop dual monitor card
  2. Did you put them all togather yourself , or you pasted
    from any site? Anyhow great job and very usefull, thanks
  3. Runningbear you forgot this laptop dual monitor card:

    Thanks for your time putting this post together.....

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  4. Did you realy HAD to quote all these long links again?
  5. I had most of them as bookmarks so I just
    assembled them in a post

  6. Thanks for sharing!
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    great will be a big help. if anyone has any additional links now or in the future, please do post....
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