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  2. If any of these have quantlib on them, you know it's BS. Edit: UGH.
  3. gaussian


    Here's how this goes:

    1. Software engineer hears about quant finance and thinks "I'm good at programming and math, I can make money!"
    2. The software engineer downloads these libraries (curated by another person who has zero idea what they are doing) and begins programming
    3. After brute forcing something on SPX and drinking the tastytrade koolaid by the bowlful they say "I have a system that signals perfect opportunities, I'll just sell DOTM options and profit!"
    4. They lose all their money
    5. They read a blog post about quant finance on bitcoin and say "maybe I picked the wrong market, all the smart people are in crypto"
    6. Go back to (1) but with crypto
    7. Go back to (1) but this time with futures
    8. Go back to (1) but this time with stocks
    9. Finally, they realize there's more to trading than being good at programming and math, decide the game is rigged (pick your reason) and quit because they are already late for their double kombucha and vegan BLT.
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  4. You just described half of twitter
  5. guru


    Shit, I think I’ve skipped #5-#7.
    I just hope it doesn’t need to be that exact order because I’m buried in #8 this week and was planning #7 afterwards.
    Luckily I don’t drink kombucha so #9 doesn’t apply to me. But I’m running out of kool-aid.
  6. thanks for the resources :)
  7. more than half...
  8. @gaussian is one of the rare knowledgeable persons in this site. Most de his statements are concise and true.
  9. I finished step 1.
    But for step 2 i am working on my own system. I hate using something which i do not understand.
    Not sure whether this will change future steps.