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Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by KarimS, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. KarimS


    I'm new trader and would like to get help from experienced guys here

    -Which broker do you recommend?
    I use Oanda and like but didn't try others

    -Any recommended trading resources, courses, etc

    -How to do effective money management

    -Do you recommend any forex signals services, systems in case i don't have the time to do analysis myself
    I already watched few systems on zulutrade

    I appreciate any contribution to this thread.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Peter35


    FXCM is very good. I also used Oanda. However sl hunting happened a couple of time while trading Oanda

    ET forum is the greatest source of educational material i know on forex.

    Read this article. It's very useful

    I'm an old subscriber of fxmaster signal service.
    On average they give 15 to 25 trades in a month
    The fact that they give there signals well in advance and that they never operate other than US times, there performance figures are average....but if you have some experience in trading then you can easily make fortune out of there signals.
    their past performance is available here
  3. KarimS


    Thanks for your reply.
    Fxmaster show impressing past results. How is their performance in May?
  4. um, sure...

    All of these services can make newbies rich, once they have "experience in trading"
  5. modypop


    If you need a good resource, here is